Made to rally

One-of-a-kind, custom-built Porsches

“Let’s modify the 996; it’s going to be the next classic.”

Johan de Bruyn

It starts
with a feeling

That electrical feeling. Goosebumps. The hair on your arms standing on end. When your heart beats so fast in your chest you can feel it drumming out a rhythm and you almost pass out because you held your breath without even realizing it.

And an assault
on your senses

Purring like a kitten or screaming like a banshee. You feel the G’s tear through bone and flesh as you listen to the revs rising and falling with every acceleration, ramp and skid around the bend. You taste the dust in your mouth, sweat stings your eyes and the sunlight blinds you. A smile is spreading across your face as you behold the sheer beauty of the beast. Your emotions almost get the better of you as you stare in awe at the speed and striking silhouette of the SafariProjek machine.

All this, before you even get into the car

We aim to build stunning cars that can be used daily, with all the comforts of a newer Porsche, but with improved handling and grip that can compete off-road on the weekends.

Modified for the
toughest terrains

We convert Porsches into sleek, Safari adventure speedsters.

Inspired by the Classics

Inspired by childhood fantasies of becoming rally drivers and faded posters of classic converted 911 SC RS Porsches kicking up red dust as they race through the Kenyan wilderness. Influenced by Porsche motorsport, the East African Safari Classic Rally and Tuthill Porsches of the 1970s.

“Speeding through the bends, backside hanging out on the gravel road – that’s what life is all about!”

Johan de Bruyn

The maniacs
behind the machine

SafariProjek was dreamed up by Johan de Bruyn and Phillip Visser.

A perfect storm was created by lots of available time, Porsches in the garage and the blood of a rally driver and race car builder running hot!



Excellent products by trusted brands to bring our cars to life.

Built for Porsche-lovers.
Claim your turf.

We’ve made it easy to own your very own Safari. You can decide how involved you will be in the build. It’s as simple as 1, 2 or 3!

  1. Buy a ready-built car from our workshop and choose your own interior and exterior look.
  2. Buy your own donor car and we’ll customise it for you with your choice of finishes.
  3. Buy the custom kit from us and build your own Safari to your specifications.

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