#3 is a tribute to the classic Porsche Dakar speedsters.

The idea was to build an unbelievable Safari Porsche with a rally look from the 2003 3.6-litre Porsche 996 Carrera 4S. Johan wanted to build a car for himself and already had the idea of a white, blue, red, and gold Rothmans design, when Porsche released their Roughroads 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar.

It was simply “meant to be” but in the end, this beauty was sold to a very happy buyer.



Just as was the case with #1 and #2, the suspension was designed to provide maximum performance and stability when
tearing through rough terrain at high speeds. Evo Corse wheels were added.

The underside was fitted with a custom-made aluminium skid plate and the bumpers remodelled for a huge 280 mm ground clearance – perfect for flying over ramps and skidding around tight bends. A wing and roof rack completes the look.

The prettiest car in the country, and definitely the most photographed one too!

Johan de Bruyn


Standard Porsche interiors are super sexy and #3 was kept as is. The dark interior perfectly complements the stunning Rothmans exterior.

* The interior in the photo has been replaced with the stock seats after manufacturing.


Starting Point

#3 started off as a Midnight blue 2003 Porsche 996 4S hailing from Cape Town.


Raw and unedited – a few shots taken during the build process.



To get enough wheel travel the track in front was widened by 120 mm.

The rear needed to be widened in order to fit the same wheel as used in the front. The rear suspension geometry was altered to enable better weight transfer to the front axle under braking, creating a much better turn-in under braking on gravel roads.


The top mount for the McPherson strut was moved out by 60 mm via a specially designed top mount for the bespoke Reiger shock

Bespoke suspension components were manufactured from 7075 aircraft aluminium to widen the track, fitted with chrome molly-rod end bearings on all pivot points. The Reiger shock absorbers combined with the suspension changes generated +/-200 mm of wheel travel front and rear.


This 996 C4s rides on huge 225/55r18 SUV wheels fitted to OZ Racing 18 Inch 8J wide wheel rims all-round, and this 996 C4S now clears the ground with an enormous 280 mm.

The car also has a set of Evo Corse wheels.


New front and rear bumpers were designed and made, afterward, moulds were taken from the prototypes. Front and rear bumper inserts are fabricated from steel with front and rear bash plates/underbody protection. Polyurethane-coated aluminium underbody protection plates cover the entire underside of the car.


The engine was fitted with a set of performance headers and de-cat exhaust with a centre outlet in the rear steel bumper insert.

The radiator angle needed to change to get clearance for the bigger wheels, we did not want to move them forward and compromise the already long overhang in front of the front axle.


The 6-speed manual rear axle is treated to Quaife limited slip differential to improve handling on dirt roads and allow you to step out the rear side (drifting).

Exterior finishes

#3 is a tribute to the classic Porsche Dakar speedsters with the white, blue, red, and gold Rothmans design.

A wing and roof rack completes the look.

Download Tech Specs
Download Tech Specs


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