SafariProjek was dreamed up by Johan de Bruyn and Phillip Visser during lockdown in 2020. A perfect storm was created by lots of available time, Porsches in the garage and the blood of a rally driver and race car builder running hot!

After a lot of research, the team started modifying the first SafariProjek car – a 2003 3.6-litre Porsche 996 Carrera 4S. Thinking that they would be able to buy most of the parts off the shelf, they were surprised to learn that there simply weren’t many options available. This didn’t stop them though and sparked an intensive period of research and development.

Johan de Bruyn


Johan is a businessman from Pretoria. He is also an avid motorsport fan, competitive track and rally race-car driver.

Phillip Visser


Phillip is a mechanical engineer and race car builder with over a decade’s experience in rally car team management and suspension building. He is the owner of Stutgard Restorations Pty (Ltd), an auto restoration/race car workshop and parts importing business.

You won’t find cars like this
anywhere else in the world

SafariProjek redesigned the suspension with Reiger components, covered the underside with a made-to-order aluminium skid plate, custom-made remodelled bumpers, added rally lights, and a Vanderlinde exhaust without catalytic converters, specially made for the car. More ground clearance was achieved by adding BF Goodrich gravel tyres with Evo Corse rims.

These are just some of the modifications. The rest of the drivetrain, brakes and more are standard and can be serviced by any Porsche service centre.

Watch the full Cars.co.za interview below:


We’ve made it easy to own your very own Safari. You can decide how involved you will be in the build. It’s as simple as 1, 2 or 3!

  1. Buy a ready-built car from our workshop and choose your own interior and exterior look.
  2. Buy your own donor car and we’ll customise it for you with your choice of finishes.
  3. Buy the custom kit from us and build your own Safari to your specifications.

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